Jean-Claude Wippler’s Logbook #

Computing stuff tied to the physical world.1

I’ve been fascinated with computers for over half a century. Everything from Fortran IV on an IBM 1130 to C++17 on today’s ARM Cortex microcontrollers (µCs). This interest then grew to include scripting languages, Wireless Sensor Networks, ultra low-power computing, Field Programmable Gate Arrays, Software Defined Radios, dataflow computing, and more.

In short: far too many topics to dive into, but that hasn’t kept me from doing so anyway …

These are the main project areas on this site2 (but most are vapourware for now):

JeeH is a Hardware Abstraction Layer and multitasker library for STM’s 32-bit ARM Cortex µCs. This code is used by the other projects on this site.

Bento explores signal processing and various electronics experiments with µCs.
Flow aims to be a dataflow engine for µCs with a browser-based visual front end.
Monty is a lightweight Python virtual machine for use on embedded µCs.
Retro is about retrocomputing, simulating older micro-/mini-computers … on a µC or FPGA.

And lastly, Musings is for notes and ponderings which don’t fit anywhere else.


  1. This site’s logo and subtitle are the same as for jeelabs.org, an older weblog by me. Since I’m still interested in all the same topics, I’ve decided to hold on to them for this logbook. ↩︎

  2. This is a static website, generated with Hugo and hosted by SourceHut↩︎